VIOLENCE ON DEMAND / PROTESTSOUND

                                                                                                               easier records yves gorgon

                                                  NEW RELEASE / EASIER RECORDS 2017 / #PROTESTSOUND / #VIOLENCEONDEMAND

                                                 PROTESTSOUND  - STATE OF SHOCK

                                                   PROTESTSOUND : ROCKBAND




EASIER RECORDS  was created in 1998 by YVES GORGON in france. His natural headline is     " from the RAMONES till EMINEM "..Guitarist then sound ingenieer, he produced in 2001 a maxi "MODEL"- KROKMITTEN / MA3- 2 bal 2 neg, then MASTERMIND in 2002 ( EASIER RECORDS/VIRGIN)  and DIRTY (EASIER RECORDS/ALADIN) in 2007 always with KROKMITTEN,  french MC (ma3-2bal2neg.



LEGACY / PROTESTSOUND easier records
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